• Arena Maintenance

Arena Maintenance

A regular routine of maintenance for your riding arena will give you the maximum return on your investment.

Surface maintenance should be seen as a priority with regular grading undertaken to retain consistency and stability.

Dry surfaces of sand and fibre should be irrigated regularly through the summer months to keep the sand and fibre combined. A surface that has been allowed to dry out will require the sand and fibre to be rotovated and remixed, thoroughly watered and then rolled to get the surface back to a usable condition.

Wax surfaces require less maintenance but in both cases if your arena is in constant use a daily routine should be implemented to avoid the surface becoming compacted.

You should make a note to depth check your surface at regular intervals so you are aware of any variation in the level that may be occurring and need correcting.

Other than for maintenance we do not advise taking heavy vehicles or equipment on to or over the surface. A quad bike, gator, sit-on lawn mower or 4×4 are all suitable for towing your grader.

When grading you should maintain a consistent slow speed similar to a fast walking pace and never go in the same direction twice. Grade in alternate directions with as many different starting points as you can.

Before your regular routine always rake back any loose material from the retaining boards around the perimeter.

Always collect droppings to prevent contamination.

For your safety any loose rails or posts should be made good before attempting to use the arena.

For further information or advice please contact GP Arenas, we are happy to help, or ask us as part of a FREE, no obligation quotation for an arena project.

Arena maintenance is vital to the longevity of an arena’s usability and to achieve the optimum riding conditions.

Arena maintenance will:

  • Maintain surface stability
  • Get the best out of your horse
  • Give you the best return on your investment

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