• Finishing Touches

Finishing Touches

These additions or any other specific requirement you may have can be added as part of the building process or as an addition at a later stage.


All GP Arenas customers are provided with a leveller as part of our new build arena package to maintain the surface for optimum use. This can be upgraded to our GP-GRADE arena leveller that will mix the surface deeper reducing the frequency of the process.


We can supply and install arena mirrors, a popular addition for any rider enabling you to see your’s and your horse’s position constantly and check movements are ridden correctly.


Maximise your arena use with the addition of arena lighting allowing you to use your arena and facilities all year round.


Additional small structures such as jump stores or dung heaps make it easier to keep your arena and facilities tidy and uncluttered. We have also built a child’s playhouse into an arena fence and now offer this as an option so you can be sure your young children are safe whilst you are schooling.

We can build a mounting block in to the arena fence line or simply upgrade a gate latch so that it can be easily released from either side of the gate without dismounting saving time in riding between arena and stable or paddock.

A set of complementary arena letters come with our arenas as standard for riding exercises. We can also supply jumps and personalised jumps branded with your yard or school logo as part of the arena package or as a later addition.

For further information about our finishing touches please contact GP Arenas to discuss your requirements.


  • Finishing Touches

The arena watering system is designed to enhance the performance of your all weather surface. This will safeguard the comfort of your horse by suppressing dust and ensuring the performance fibre stays incorporated in the top 2” of the silica sand.

Every arena is individual so we design watering systems around your site and by using bespoke software can provide an efficient spray coverage specifically for your arena.

Each system comprises of strategically sized and located sprinkler heads, this enables us to ensure the surface of your arena gets full coverage. The sprinklers are matched to a correctly sized distribution network, the delivery circuit has control valves that are fed by a suitably sized pump which is connected to a feed tank. The arena watering system is operated via a programmable controller which enables you to utilise the system at optimum times to suit your needs.

GP Arenas have a range of finishing touches that can add to the enjoyment of your arena including:

  • Arena watering systems
  • Arena mirrors
  • Arena levellers
  • Built-in mounting blocks
  • Gate latches
  • Jumps
  • Jump stores
  • Dung heaps
  • Built-in play houses

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